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Title About the donation and Meow-centive.
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Date 2019-03-01 01:35:11
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What is ‘Meow-centive’?

“Sugar Cat & Candy Doggie is an art brand growing with companion animals, and part of the profit will be distributed to each companion animal (owner) who is the model of the artwork. If the model was a street cat, abandoned dog or wild animal, the donation goes to animal protection NGO Kara.”

Have you seen the above phrase in every product description? We Sugarcat call part of those profits as 'Meowcentive' with the combination of 'Meow' + 'Incentive.'

Also, the profit, Meowcentive generated by product sale in Sugarcat shopping mall goes to the portrait model including companion animal (owner), but when the model is a street cat, abandoned or wild animal, it goes to the animal protection NGO. The animal protection NGO that Sugarcat appointed is ‘Kara.’ Sugarcat donates a small amount whenever the amount reaches a certain point since last year.

How do I find the amount of ‘Meowcentive’ and where can I get paid?

Meowcentive is settled monthly for each animal character portrait goods from the Sugarcat shopping malls.* The settled amount is sent to each customer who ordered the portrait via email like the following example of ‘Meowcentive Report.’

This report will be delivered by registered email on the 10th day of each month, and the calculation is valid since the profit is generated.

In Meowcentive Report - You can check the 'Meowcentive' occurred in the current month, the 'Meowcentive' that was carried over from the last month (the amount to be sponsored when applying for sponsorship), the sales history and profits of each animal character's product.

(The sales history on the following section is exempted from Mewocentive. Sugarcat Shopping Mall > Custom Goods > Custom Order User Only)

Meowcentive settlement and apply for the donation

As guided in the Meowcentive report, you can get paid by clicking the button or switch the profit to donate to the animal protection organization.

Unsettled Meocentive will be carried over to the next month. If you apply for the donation, once the amount reached a certain point, the donation goes to the appointed animal protection organization.

The profit with the Meowcentive isn’t very high for now, but as Sugarcat grows, Meowcentive is growing together!

This kind of benefit has not been anywhere ever. For further inquiries, please contact Kakaotalk ID ‘슈가캣앤캔디도기’ or email

- Meowcentive Report is sent to the users on the list. Since it contains financial-related contents, it could be classified as a spam mail. If you haven't received any mail from us, please look into your spam folder.

- If the product is under the licensing contract with the loyalty, the character counting of each animal is impossible. Therefore, this case will not count as Meowcentive. However, the product in the same condition sold through Sugarcat Shopping Mall will be included in Meowcentive.

- This offer is not an agreement that is part of a legally valid contract or custom-made portrait and is not a pricewise service or royalties or portrait rights payment.

- This offer may be changed or canceled due to natural disasters or the company's circumstances.

- If you do not wish to receive Meowcentive payments, you can switch it to donation or cancel your mail subscription. (How to unsubscribe: click unsubscribe from this list at the bottom of the email) 

- Sales channels other than shopping malls are excluded from settlement. (As of January 8, 2024)

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